The M&S Web EDI solution is powered by the OpenText Intelligent Web Forms (IWF) technology. The Web EDI demonstration provides you with an introduction to using the solution, starting with the registration process, using your document manager to receive and send business documents* via Web EDI through to support with your account.

If you have any further questions you can contact our support service at OpenText – see contacts.

*Note – This is not a specific M&S specific demonstration and does not provide reference to the exact M&S business documents that will be exchanged between M&S and yourself – for further information on these please review the user training guide provided.

Web EDI User Guide

M&S have provided a user guide to support your use of the Web EDI solution. The user guide provides you with information on the following:

  • General information and usage of the solution
  • Getting started with Web EDI and how to configure your computer
  • Managing your business documents that you will exchange with M&S

The user guide is designed to walk you through the solution and the typical flow of business documents that you will exchange with M&S. Having read the user guide, if you have any further questions, please contact us so that we can help resolve them for you.

On-Boarding Communication Plan

Once you have finalised your decision to use the Web EDI solution you will receive confirmation of that decision via email from GXS.
You will need to register your company with the solution and complete the walkthrough demonstration; if you have any questions during this process please contact us to resolve any of your issues.

We will contact you again to confirm that you have been able to successfully register yourself and then subsequently to notify you as to when you can start using the Web EDI solution to exchange business documents using the M&S.

An indicative list of communications from OpenText / M&S and timelines are provided below for you:

  • Electronic Solution Confirmation: to confirm your decision to use the Web EDI solution. This communication will happen once you have completed your questionnaire and will be approximately 12-14 weeks before your transition to the EDI solution.
  • Registration Request Communication: to request your registration completion for the Web EDI solution. This will be an email providing the link to the registration site which you will need to navigate to in order to complete your on-boarding. This communication will happen approximately 6 weeks before your transition to the EDI solution.If you do not hear from either OpenText or M&S during the period of time between the first and second communication please do not worry, we will be in contact with this communication.
  • Registration and On-boarding Completion Confirmation: to confirm that you have successfully completed the registration process and confirm your transition date to the M&S electronic trading solution.
  • Go-live Reminder: a reminder communication that your company will be transitioned onto the M&S electronic trading solution and you should start to receive and send EDI business documents from the agreed go-live date onwards. This communication will happen approximately 1 week before your agreed go-live date.