The M&S EDI Solution for Trading Partners has two solutions from which you can choose your preferred method of communicating with M&S.

When registering on the Intelligent Web Forms (IWF) Service your company name and User ID must be unique.

If the company name you are trying to register is known on the OpenText OpenText Trading Grid in the format you are trying to use, your registration will fail.  Your name and User ID will be known if you have registered for IWF or the Trading Grid Messaging Service before (either for M&S or another partner) or your company name is the same as another company already registered but not connected to you.

Please read the instructions below and make a small addition to your company name for your registration. This will ensure that your registration is unique:

  1. Please enter your company name and add ‘(M&S)’  to your company name.  For example:  Acme Ltd (M&S) The Rose Company (M&S), etc.
  2. If you are a previous user registering again please:
    • use a different user name as you can no longer use an existing User ID.  It does not have to be your email, just something you will remember.
    • use a completely different password (must be 8 alphanumeric)

If you are still having difficulties please call OpenText Support Services, please check the following link for your regional Support office:

Intelligent Web Forms Pricing Structure

Intelligent Web Forms Subscription – Pricing in local currency provided when you register

  • Annual Fee: Unlimited Send & Receive – One upfront payment to cover 12 months – 12 month contract.
  • Monthly fee: Unlimited Send & Receive – Monthly Fee – 12 month contract.
  • Pay As You Go (PAYG): Annual Fee – One 12 months non refundable payment & in addition a charge per document sent and received.

N.B PAYG is only suitable for suppliers sending and receiving less than 12 documents per month.  If in any doubt suppliers should discuss the volume of orders and invoices they will receive with M&S.