M&S deeply understands the diversity of its trading partner base to which we have ensured that we have multiple solutions available to meet your company’s IT capability. M&S can not make the decision as to which solution you should use, however offer the following considerations to assist your decision making:

  • Do you have an existing EDI capability? Incorporate the M&S solution into your existing capability whether that is using the Web EDI solution or the B2B EDI solution.
  • How many business transactions do you have with M&S per annum? If you are exchanging a high volume of business documents (Purchase Orders and Invoices) with M&S each year, the B2B EDI may offer a more efficient solution assuming your IT capability can support this. If you exchange low volumes, the Web EDI solution is likely to be most appropriate to you.
  • Are you a short-season trading partner with M&S? If you only exchange small number of business documents with M&S during a small timeframe the Web EDI solution may be the most appropriate option for you.

If you are still unsure about your options OpenText will be happy to assist you with making the right decision for your company as part of the registration process.